JR Beef Skin Bark

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A long lasting, super tough treat that is packed with flavour and goodness. Made from simply 100% air-dried cow skin, these beef slices are a great chew for powers chewers that need something tougher to sink their teeth into!

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  • Made from simply 100% air-dried cow skin
  • Suitable for raw fed dogs
  • Great for teething puppies and power chewers
  • Long lasting
  • A single source protein treat with no preservatives or additives
  • Great for cleaning teeth!

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2 reviews for JR Beef Skin Bark

  1. Anne Arbon (verified owner)

    A tad expensive, but, amazing time consumer. my 4 collies took hours to work their way through these, they had to be outside, while I had a workman in the house. they did furry poop for a few days as well. 5 star product.

  2. nishajani (verified owner)

    Our 17 week old St Bernard loves these! They’re huge what a bargain, keeps him chewing for hours, he’s in heaven when he has one of these! Thanks Guys great product!

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