HDC Herbalisious All Natural Dog Digestive Support 250ml


Psyllium husk contains both soluble and insoluble fibre, which helps with digestive movement to relieve constipation gently.

Flax seed is a potent antioxidant, and star anise and ginger root improve digestion by alleviating cramps and reducing nausea. If your dog’s digestive problems are caused by nervousness or stress, the addition of valerian root to this effective digestive support powder can help by calming anxiety.

Finally, the good bacteria that make up the all-important microbiome in your dog’s intestinal tract will benefit from the balanced addition of pro and prebiotics and enzymes. Add this powder supplement to natural yoghurt daily for ongoing nutritional health benefits for your dog.

How to use;

Dogs 9kg and under, 1 teaspoon with food or plain yogurt.
Dogs 10kg and over, 2 teaspoons with food or plain yogurt.
For best results take daily.

Not to be used for the treatment of any illness. Always consult a vet if you think your dog is ill or in pain.

Smell, consistency & colour will change batch to batch. There is nothing to worry about if this one looks a little different to your last one or the one stood next to it. We only use natural, raw, fresh ingredients so they change smell and colour season to season and, because we hand-make everything in small batches in our workshop in England, very few bottles will be the same.

Psyllium Husk, Flax Seed, Star Anise, GingerRoot, Valerian Root, Pre and Probiotics plus Enzymes
• No Palm Oil • No chemicals • No nasty stuff

Size; 250ml, 1 – 2 months supply

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All dogs can suffer from occasional digestive upsets, while some dogs seem to have permanently sensitive tummies. Whether the problem is constipation, bloating, or digestive discomfort, Herbal Dog Co’s special digestive support powder can make a world of difference, without the use of harsh chemicals.

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