HDC All Natural Anal Gland Support Powder 250ml


With all-natural ingredients such as psyllium husk, coconut powders, brewers yeast, fennel, pre and probiotics and enzymes, this supplement is a safe and effective digestive support for all dogs, including more elderly dogs and those recovering from illness.

If your dog is frequently licking their bottom or scooting along the floor, they could have anal gland issues and perhaps need their glands to be emptied manually. Always check with your vet first. Anal support powder is also an effective, supportive treatment for this condition.

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Anal problems can be a misery for your dog, and for you! Changes in your dog’s stools can highlight a problem in their general health. If your dog is experiencing flatulence, runny stools or constipation then consider adding a daily dose of Herbal Dog Co’s Herbacare anal powder to your pooch’s food.

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