Kiezebrink Turkey Mix 1Kg


Kiezebrinks Raw range can offer a selection of frozen minced meat mixtures as raw dog food or for other carnivorous animals

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Turkey Mix 1kg
This KB Mix exclusively contains turkey as a protein source, and can therefore be a suitable part of an elimination diet. The mix only contains natural ingredients without artificial additives. This mix alone is not complete; variation is necessary for a balanced diet.


100% Turkey; 30% Neck, 30% meat, 25% heart, 10% back and 5% liver


70% moisture, 16% protein, 11% fats, 0,3% fiber, 3,1% ash, 0,78% calcium, 0,61% phosphorus, Ca:P: 1,29, Energy: 160 kcal/100 gr.

Meat 57% Bone 13% Organ 30%

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