Just Natural 80.10.10 Lamb Complete Box


Chunky Complete Mince 80.10.10
20 x average 454g Box

100% Lamb Mix Mince.

Content: 10% Bone, 10% Offal & 80% Meat.

Weight: 20 x average 454g = 9.08kg

The Just Natural range of mixes has a chunky texture.


Full Box of 20 x 454g packs

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10% OFF when you buy 5 or more full boxes!!

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90% Lamb 10% Offal 80.1.10
10% Bone 19% Protein
20 x average 454g packs 9.08Kg box



Just Natural is synonymous with first-class raw pet foods. We have an extensive range of raw foods, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and veterinary standards. Our reputation is second to none.  All our raw materials are human grade, sourced from EEC approved abattoirs and cutting plants.

All our products are produced from exactly the same high quality human grade meats and poultry and were developed after extensive feed testing.


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