Landywoods Rabbit Mince 20% Bone 454g x 20 (Box)


Full Box of 20 x 454g packs

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New packaging, no longer in chubs, now in cardboard boxes.

Rabbit is lean, tasty and packed full of vitamins and nutrients for your dog. It is great for dogs with allergies or who are on an exclusion diet. Also great for cats as its high in Taurine.

Approx. 80% Meat 20% bone no offal

Product Analysis: kcal/100g 141, Dry Matter 33.1, Moisture 70.8, Protein 17.2, Fat 8.4, Ash 4.2, Fibre 0.5, Calcium 0.7, Phosphorous 0.6

Minced Rabbit is a great source for Potassium which helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals, Phosphorus helping maintain strong bones and teeth, Sodium necessary for healthy heart, liver, and kidneys and Magnesium which helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, it also supports a healthy immune system and Calcium to build and maintain strong bones, the heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly


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