Kiezebrink Combi Box 20kg


Kiezebrinks Raw range can offer a selection of frozen minced meat mixtures as raw dog food or for other carnivorous animals

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4 weeks of food for a large-sized dog in a variety pack! The 4 weeks’ worth of food is calculated on a dog weighing 30kg, with a daily dietary requirement of 25gms per kg of body weight. A 30kg dog would therefore need to be fed 750gms a day.

Does your dog weigh a little more or less? Then you can calculate how much food they need a day and how long the pack will last. Guidelines suggest 25gms of food per kg of body weight each day.
Remember this is just a guide; always be aware of your dog’s weight and activity level.

The pack contains 20 x 1kg Kiezebrink KB Mixes:
3x Duck Mix (1kg)
3x Salmon Mix (1kg)
3x Chicken Mix (1kg)
2x Lamb Mix (1kg)
3x Quail Mix (1kg)
3x Beef/Chicken Mix (1kg)
3x Turkey Mix (1kg)

The mixes consist of pure minced muscle meat, organs and bone. There are no added vegetables or supplements.

Please note that due to a shortage of Rabbit Mix we now use Quail Mix in these Combi Boxes. This change still provides your animal with the varied and balanced diet it requires.

This is a raw product and not for human consumption.

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