BR Tripe Mince (Beef) Tray 20 x 454g


Net Weight 454g (per chub)

Ingredients: BEEF Tripe Boneless


Net Weight 454g (per chub)

Our products have NO artificial additives added

Analytical Constituents: Ash 0.5%, Crude Fibre 0.6%, Oil A (Ether Extract) 6.01%, Crude Protein 12.1%, Moisture 91.9%, Dry Matter 21.1%

Ingredients: BEEF Tripe Boneless

This raw food is designed to be only a part of the diet. It is strongly recommended that it is supplemented with other food types such as raw treats, offal & dog friendly vegetables for example to make up its nutritional needs.

A dog’s diet should be varied and appropriate for your dog and its lifestyle


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