Rabbit Ears with Fur – Health Benefits

Rabbit Ears are a popular novel treat that have recently taken off in the natural dog feeding community.

Rabbit Ears usually come in two different types, with fur or without.  They can also be either frozen or air-dried, with the air dried variety being crispy and crunchy treat.

Rabbit ears with fur are high in protein and low in fat, which in turn is (and not limited to) good for hair, skin and muscles.  Not only are they nutritious, but they also have several anecdotal benefits for your dogs:

  • Low Fat - These are an ideal snack for dogs that are over weight or dogs with pancreatitis.
  • Oral Care- Rabbit ears are quite abrasive when they are chewed, helping with the removal of plaque and tartar.  They can also assist in the removal of any left over food or debris stuck in the dogs teeth.
  • Hypoallergenic - Great for sensitive pets.  Rabbit being a novel protein, it is very unlikely that your four legged friend will react to it.
  • Natural De-wormer - The fur on Rabbit Ears can act as a fine brush to flush the worms from within the stomach and clear the digestive tract.
  • Chewing Aid - Dogs love to chew, and chewing produces endorphins in dogs that can help reduce anxiety and help improve the mood of your dog.
  • Fibrous - Very good aid in the clearing of anal glands.


Please remember that these are just treats and should be fed as part of a balanced diet, two or three times a week should be more than enough for you pet to feel the benefits on this unique and exciting treat.

With all treats, please make sure you have fresh clean water available for them and always supervise your beloved canine while they are eating.

They're great for puppies too and can be fed as young as three months, as long as they have begun to loose their puppy teeth.  It also helps to reduce the itching dogs can feel while new teeth are coming though.




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