Natural Treat Shop

The Natural Treat Shop was established in 2022 as a sister company to Primal Raw Limited.  Focusing mainly on Natural Dog Treats, but also including natural cat treats, natural ferret treats and many others.

All of our natural dog treats, are produced in the UK and Europe, made from 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives.  We vet all of our suppliers thoroughly to ensure they meet our ethos, we hand select and pack all of our treats on-site to give you the best quality final product.

Every day, new pet owners are discovering the plethora of health benefits from feeding raw and natural dog food and treats, increasing the longevity of their beloved pets, reducing visits to the vets and enriching their pets lives by introducing them to new and exciting experiences.

We have designed this website to be as simple as possible, you can search for your natural dog treats directly in the search bar at the top of the page, or alternatively you can search for your treats by protein variety, anatomy part or by type of treat.