Lucy Reeves, Owner.

It’s been an extremely exciting and hectic past 12 months for us here at Primal Raw and I’d like to give you a short review of what’s been happening and our plans for the next few months.

Most importantly I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for your support, recommendations and referrals. Without your ongoing help we wouldn’t be where we are today and the team and I are so grateful for your help.

It’s a tough world out there for any small business and it takes a lot of hard work from a dedicated team to keep afloat; so please keep spreading the word for us and we’ll continue to give the best service possible, support, good value for money, consistency, communication and variety of natural products.

When I first started Raw Feeding I was lucky to have the advice and support of a good friend to help me along the way. We like to replicate that to our customers and offer as much guidance as possible. It’s mind blowing to look back over the last 3 years! from garden shed to Nationwide delivery. 

Who would have guessed? It’s still very early days for us and all profits made are still being reinvested into the business to assist in growth, running costs, stock and staffing but I’m extremely happy with how we’re progressing.

Once again thank you for your ongoing support and custom – Lucy



I’m so excited about this next phase of our development and I hope you will be too.

I have agreed a new lease for a 3rd industrial unit at the same location we’re at now and we’ll be moving the shop into Unit 1 which will give you a better shopping experience, better parking and us more room to move and grow. Obviously this move and increase in size will come at a cost to us but I feel confident you’ll be behind us to help raise awareness in the local area and online.

We’ll be planning an open day once we’re moved and settled and we hope we’ll be able to persuade the local media and pet lovers to come and visit.

Plans are in place to execute the move by the end of March. AHHHHHH! EXCITING!



We’ve been working hard on our new website it’s now available to order from.

I understand the frustrations of not being able to order what you want but unfortunately sometimes our suppliers don’t have everything in stock. These things are out of our hands.

The solution will be a new “LIVE” stock system allowing you to order exactly what you need from the stock we have on site. As always if we ever have issues with availability we’ll contact you directly and offer alternatives.



Updated Freezer Van Delivery routes to include SG and PE postcodes now covering all of East Anglia. 

Nationwide Courier NOW LIVE!

Shop opening times and days increase


This was a big one last year! – Taking on an additional industrial Unit and installing a second walk-in freezer to hold additional stock, van deliveries & courier orders, increasing freezer space by x 200%

TEAM Primal Raw:

Congratulations to Karl, Lucy and Alan who have joined us full time and Marie, Dan, Caspian, Ashley, David and Jarrod who assist us part time or help cover holidays or driving. And don’t forget Sian and Andy :- )

New Brands / Manufacturers…..2019

With over 400 different products in stock there is something for everyone!

We’ve had a great time this year looking at new suppliers of both raw food and natural treats & supplements.  These are all tried and tested by our own furry friends before being stocked.  All products we supply are produced by DEFRA regulated manufacturers and lab tested prior to being released for sale and have full traceability.

Bulmer Pet food is one of our best sellers. Their new introduction of complete minces 80.10.10 have proven to be extremely popular.

Furry Feasts is also proving very popular. A nice chunky fresh mince with a good variety of flavour combinations.

Paleo Ridge is without question one of the most ethical raw food producers in the UK. Focusing on organic, wild, free range and grass fed meats.

Green & Wilds have a lovely range of Natural Chews, Treats and Supplements which we’ve been happy to expand.

CSJ Ltd have a fantastic range of natural herbs and supplements such as Billy no Mates, Resist and Calm Down to name a few but they also have a great line of Natural treats: Gnaw Rolls, Fish n Hips, Dem Bones and Training Tips

These are just a few of the 20 different brands we stock. For more information and variety please visit our website

BULK ORDERS – We offer a 10% bulk discount on 5 boxes or trays across Bulmers, Just Natural and Furry Feasts, and many more bulk offers on Chews & Treats.