How do I start raw feeding?

Transition Guide

This is the process that we follow with new customers.

Other Groups/Shops may suggest a slightly different method, however we have been following this method with great success for a number of years now.

This guide is aimed at healthy dogs with no known allergies.

How do I start raw feeding?

Once you have worked out how much to feed per day based on the dogs ideal bodyweight, and age,  along with whether or not the dog in question is neutered (neutered dogs can need around .5% less than entire dogs) we recommend following this process to enable your dogs digestive system to efficiently adapt to the raw diet.

How do I start raw feeding?
How do I start raw feeding?
How do I start raw feeding?


  1. Chicken and Tripe mince with approx. 10% bone.
  2. Chicken and Beef Mince with approx. 10% bone.
  3. Chicken and Lamb Complete.
  4. You can now go through the Completes, adding one new meat at a time, for example:
    • Chicken and Lamb to Turkey and Lamb, Beef and Lamb, then perhaps Duck and Tripe, Turkey and Tripe.
    • Feeding a new flavour roughly each 3 days.
    • Once your puppy is happily eating 4 or 5 different varieties you can go wild and try all the different flavours available from all the different brands in stock.


Always remembering to only introduce one new thing at a time, so that any issues can be identified easily.

For adult dogs, follow the same guide, but up to 5 days each on steps 1-3


For senior dogs (7+)

  1. Begin with 1-2 days on Lamb Tripe, (Furry Feasts or The Dogs Butcher) then follow steps 1 to 3 above
  2. 5 days in each step.
  3. Senior dogs often need less bone in their diet, so if the dog does become constipated add boneless tripe to the diet to dilute the bone content of completes.

Once fully transitioned, you can then add a raw egg to the diet a couple of times a week, then you can add raw fish. We prefer to feed raw fish frozen, as there is a much lower likelihood of regurgitation when fish is fed frozen.

Puppies at 8 weeks, require approximately 10% of their current bodyweight per day.

  • From 10-16 weeks approximately 8%
  • From 16-20 weeks approximately 7%
  • From 20-24 weeks approximately 6%
  • From 24-36 weeks approximately 5%
  • From 36-56 weeks approximately 4%
  • From 56-68 weeks approximately 3.5%


Once fully grown, which can differ by breed, the average adult will require between 2-3% of their bodyweight per day.

How do I start raw feeding?

Be guided by the dog in front of you, if the dog is overweight reduce the amount, if the dog is underweight you can increase the amount.

All dogs have different metabolic rates, just like humans so whilst one dog may thrive on 2.5% of its bodyweight per day a dog of the same breed may need much more, or even much less.

4 thoughts on “How do I start raw feeding?”

  1. Good morning, I have a 1yr old GSD and I am considering a raw food diet. How much should she have she weighs 31kg. I’m just unsure how to work it out. Also what would the cost a month be for a raw food diet please.

  2. We have recently adopted a two year old springer bitch, she has been spade
    Our existing Springer is fed Kiezebrink complete
    Is this meat OK to switch over to raw with if I use the chicken complete and gradually introduce other flavours
    Thank you

    • Morning Stella,

      I’d suggest feeding a mince that has no offal in when first transitioning as this can be too rich when starting out and may cause stomach upsets. A basic tripe mince mixed with chicken or turkey ( no higher than 10% bone) for the first 3-4 days while the gut adjusts then slowly introduce one new protein at a time by mixing it in. Keep and eye on the poo as that will help guide you. If you have any concerns please give us a call.


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