East Anglia Raw Pet Food Bank

We love our customers!

The whole reason we launched Primal Raw and Natural Treat Shop was to give our four-legged customers a healthy alternative to commercially bought wet pet food and ultra-processed kibble or treats.

It saddens us greatly to hear stories of owner who just can’t afford to continue feeding their beloved pets.

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The cost of living crisis I affecting us all, we are all struggling and there is no shame in asking for help.

People who previously had no problem feeding their pets are now finding that their disposable income has been reduced while the price of every day essentials are on the rise.

Pets are so important during times of worry and stress, helping to reduce anxiety and even warm your toes on a cold winter’s night.  We are already at risk of having the largest influx of rescue pets nationwide due to post-covid, while the cost of living crisis is sure to exacerbate this further.

 We are here to help so please do not feel afraid to ask!

We are setting up East Anglia Raw Pet Food Bank, where our amazing customers and general public can donate frozen raw food and pet treats either in the shop or online when they are placing an order.

 Every time a donation is made, we will match it, doubling the amount of food available for anybody in need.

We will also be in contact with all of our suppliers asking for donations.

For anybody who does need help, all we ask is that you contact us by email info@primalraw.co.uk and we will discuss your requirements.

Then all you will need to do is come into the shop at your convenience and collect your order.

Please help us get this message out by sharing it on social media, pet support forums, community groups and anywhere else where you think other people might be able to assist.

To Give A Donation:
In person             – Just tell a member of staff which items are for the Raw Food Bank
Online                  – Please leave a note on your order telling us with items you are donating.

To Receive A Donation:
Email us on info@primalraw.co.uk and we will discuss your requirements, we will then place an order for you to collect at your convenience

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