Apple Cider Vinegar And Its Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar and its benefits...


Commonly referred to as ACV, this product is made from fermented apples, and contains a variety of acids including acetic (which in understood to have antiseptic properties), lactic, citric and malic acids, all of which play their part in making this an all round boost for good health and digestion.

The use of ACV can actually be traced all the way back to Hippocrates in 400BC! There is not much by way of scientific reporting on its benefits but numerous anecdotal reports mention its great benefits.

It is known to provide a healthier skin and coat, lessen the occurrence of allergies and improve gastrointestinal health and therefore digestion. If feeding ACV, one should always dilute 50/50 with water.

ACV has proven useful in treating dogs with ongoing UTI problems, bladder stones, and poor digestion, it helps to re-balance the bodies pH balance and to break down fats, proteins and carbs. It is also an effective cleaner and disinfectant.

To use topically, again, dilute 50/50 with water and use as a wash, bath or spray.

Dogs who have problematic ears, itching and recurring infections can be safely treated with ACV (as long as there are no open wounds or sores present, as this would most certainly sting).

Dilute 50/50 with water, soak a cotton pad in the mixture, wring it out well, and use the damp pad to clean out the inside of the ear, use a fresh pad for each ear.  ACV helps as it will dry out the ear and will combat yeast growth.

An itchy dog can greatly benefit from an ACV bath, well diluted in warm water, again ensuring your dog has no open wounds or sores, the acidity helps to restore pH balance in the skin and the acids provide anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties to soothe irritation and inflammation. We would suggest spot testing on your dogs skin prior to using this method.

A 50/50 ACV and water mix can also be used in a spray bottle, and used as a leave in treatment after shampooing your dog as a natural insect repellent!

Another wonderful use for ACV is in the making of Bone Broth. Bone Broth is a true super food, it is great for elderly dogs who may not eat as well as you would wish, dogs that are recuperating from illness or injury, and works wonders for dogs that have struggled with ongoing problems that develop due to leaky gut syndrome, such as allergies and poor digestion, as well as being a fabulous natural joint aid!

Always ensure you purchase a natural ACV that is organic and with ‘the mother’ for best results.

3 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar And Its Benefits”

  1. Really helpful post on ACV as I suffer from stomach issues. I knew it was useful, its the smell though, I will overcome it I think for the benefits.

    Thank you Primal Raw

  2. I use ACV after bathing but I add lemon and lime juice to it. And water. Helps with the smell and it stopped my girl getting bitten as much on her belly. I guess the same as citronella. It cleans my girl very well and I use it in all areas. I mix roughly 50% water, 20% ACV, and 15% each of lemon and lime juice. Hope this helps.

  3. I feed ACV daily in my dogs food and over five years of doing so he’s never had any fleas or ticks


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